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Connect the right dots
for your company's success


Your multilingual B2B marketing partner

Are you a tech-driven company with a clear vision, ready to make waves in your industry? Your innovation is a force to be reckoned with, and you're eager to increase sales, launch new products, and establish a brand that truly reflects your expertise. But the path from vision to tangible success isn't always straightforward. That's where we step in.

Your multilingual strategic marketing partner

Making the right connections can make all the difference in the fast-paced business world.  We don't just offer marketing consultancy – we offer a strategic partnership that connects your company's vision with tangible success. Our expertise extends beyond language barriers, encompassing B2B and technical realms, making us the perfect ally for your journey.

Our expertise in action

  • Strategic advice: Chart your course with expert guidance.

  • Value propositions, positioning, and branding: Define and communicate your unique value.

  • Marketing coaching: Methods and approaches tailored to your company. 

  • Workshops: Collaborative sessions for innovative ideas.

  • Business development: Forge new paths to growth.

  • Digital marketing: Harness the power of the online world.

  • Traditional advertising and direct marketing: Reach your audience effectively.

  • Content marketing: Craft compelling narratives.

  • Public Relations: Manage your reputation and presence.

  • Events: Curate impactful experiences.

  • Exhibition booths: Make a lasting impression.


How we make a difference

As your dedicated multilingual strategic marketing partner, we help you:

  1. Connect the dots: We analyze your business, target audience, and objectives to craft and implement a comprehensive marketing and communications plan.

  2. Optimize strategies: Our expert recommendations fine-tune your marketing efforts for maximum impact. 

  3. Communicate efficiently:  We focus on what matters, and that might not be spreading the news on social media. Our expertise in B2B helps you target the right audiences through the proper channels with a message that speaks to their needs. And we are mastering German, English and French. 

Tangible results

  • Increased awareness 

  • Image and reputation building

  • Generate qualified leads

  • Growing customer base 


Your success is our focus

With over 30 years of experience and fluency in German, English, and French, when you partner with us, you're gaining a team of passionate marketing & communications professionals dedicated to seeing your brand thrive.


Whether your business operates in B2B and technical or complex value chains, we're here to help you translate your tech expertise into a successful business. Our proven approach and extensive experience will guide you toward achieving your business objectives.



Let's talk about your opportunities!

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A proven approach

Our pragmatic approach and proven methods help identify the most suitable actions targeting the right audience, at the best moment.  


Methodological approach for strategic ma
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